Actually it’s more a case of trying to work out how this thing works…

Anyway, welcome to Out With A Bang.

But one early word of warning, Out With A Bang is not going to touch on all things football. Or not much, anyway. That’s the day job; this is the late-at-night musings bit.

This is bit where we work out – in public – what on earth we’re ever going to do with MFW’s new big sister,; how we can spread the gospel of and, how, in short we can ever hope to make a difference when it comes to the survival of quality local journalism.

Hence the title. Cos if we are all engaged ‘in a race to the bottom’ as I was cheerily told by some BlogAds lad at Jeff Jarvis’ bash in New York last autumn, let’s at least go down kicking and screaming; let’s not walk quietly into the night.

Let’s ask some awkward questions of our former lords and masters now that – perhaps – we’ve got one or two answers.

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  1. ants8670 Says:

    Hi there
    Tom Loosemore put me on to your blog and that you’d been commenting on the psp stuff he and I have been up to. Thanks for taking the time to think about it. If you’re not totally fed up of me, I’m uploading the transcripts of some lectures I’ve been giving recently on Magic Lantern’s site over the next few weeks. Would be interesting to hear what you make of them!
    all the best
    Anthony Lilley

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