Me and Ian – addiply/Jimmy The Book Ian – have this running gag about these various venues in the history of MFW that – in years ahead – will be adorned by one of those blue plaque things. So-and-so was born here…

I stress the word ‘gag’ at this point; we’ve never been able to afford the luxury of taking ourselves too seriously.

In fact, there have been times when we couldn’t afford anything – principally when our Kev’s round one investment (Mexican Kev; not back bedroom Kev…) got lost in mid-Atlantic banking cyber-space for 17, hair-raising days.

Anyway, for the historical record – and in no particular order – the name MyFootballWriter was ‘invented’ in the Walnut Tree Shades pub in Norwich; me and Ian divvied up bits of addiply in the Dilraj curry house in Loddon; me, Ian and Neil figured out what we might do with in the Artichoke pub in Broome… oh and me and Ad-man Kev, have our sales meetings in the Fat Cat, on the corner of Nelson Street.

The birth of MyLocalWriter is a bit more tricky in that I found that the domain name was still unregistered on the train back to Norwich from London about three weeks ago. I have a feeling we’d just gone through Seven Sisters. Or was it Shenfield? Make it Platform Nine, Liverpool St.

Would it have been the same if we’d ever had an office to call our own? Nah, not really.