On basis of my ‘900 feet up and the only way to go is down…’ headline being deemed something of a depressing thought to go to bed with, I thought we’d go into the weekend in a more positive frame of mind.

Because as much as we all witter on about the mess we’re in and how none of us from the BBC down have much of a clue what we’re doing – how we’re ever going to squeeze that newsprint quart into a web pint pot – at least it’s heartening to know that there is still one group of professionals out there with even less of a clue as to which way this world is heading than us.

There is, it seems, a risk of snow this weekend.

As for the summer…

“The Met Office this week warned that the summer was likely to be hotter and wetter than in recent years. It is predicting a return to the traditional British summer of “three fine days and then a thunderstorm”.

“Forecasters have refused to rule out a repeat of last year’s torrential rain, which caused widespread flooding. Nor would they rule out an extremely dry summer,” ran The Guardian’s weather story today.

“Dr Brian Golding, Met Office head of forecasting, said: “We expect the temperature to be above average. In terms of rainfall we are looking at an indication of above average to average.

“We think it’s likely to be a case of a few fine days and then there’s a band of rain, perhaps some thunderstorms and then it warms up again…”

So, to sum up Brian, this summer could be either very wet, very hot or very dry. Or, indeed, all three…

In fact, the only thing you appear to be ruling out is the prospect of this summer being very cold.

So warm the cockles of your journalistic heart with that thought. Because if the Internet is in danger of screwing the way that we do our business, global warming has clearly long since f*cked the way that weather forecasters do their’s…